December 2020 Videos

(Programme notes by Sally Davies.)

An Cadal Trom

‘The sealwoman’s croon’ , Trad. from the Hebrides. Words draw on Norse and Celtic myths about ‘selkies’, beings capable of changing from seal to human form and the tangled lives they lead. I learned this song from the singer Candy Verney who lives in Donegal.

Shchedryk shchedryk

A Ukrainian song about a swallow and its predictions by Mykola Leontovych, traditionally sung to welcome in the new year. New words about Christmas silver bells were devised in 1934 for the American market who, over time, when it became hugely popular as ‘The Carol of the Bells’, began to consider the song to be their own folk art.

The Owl

Music by Giles Lewin, words by Emily Dickinson. Giles wrote this to be sung by Maddie Prior, Hannah James and himself. It can be heard on their CD ‘Shortwinger’. He gave me permission to teach it to my choirs.


A traditional Georgian song with the contemplative words:
Let us say a few words about your beauty.
I’m going to leave my mother and father and be yours, only yours.
Everyone is satisfied, but you are not happy.