Hear Us

As a gesture of solidarity with Ukraine, at a rehearsal in February 2022 we sang and recorded the four Ukrainian folksongs featured in this short clip. Full versions available on YouTube.

A traditional Georgian song with the contemplative words:
“Let us say a few words about your beauty. I’m going to leave my mother and father and be yours, only yours. Everyone is satisfied, but you are not happy.”

Watch more clips on the Wing-it Singers’ YouTube Channel

Our CDs

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Our 2018 CD East to West.  You can listen to tracks via Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube music and Amazon.

Track listing:

  1. Vakhtang Mepe (Georgia)
  2. ¿Qu’es De Ti, Desconsolado? (Spain)
  3. Messechinko (Bulgaria)
  4. Ej Lásko (Czech Republic)
  5. ¡El Pueblo Unido! (Chile)
  6. Dindirín, Dindirín (Lingua Franca)
  7. Elesa (Georgia)
  8. Shlof, Mayn Tayer Kind (Yiddish)
  9. Mreievalo (Georgia)
  10. Alle Psallite (Latin)
  11. Misdevs Mela Lomsa (Georgia)
  12. Ozdulu Idu (Bulgaria)
  13. Mravalzhamier (Georgia)
  14. Zorongo (Spain)
  15. Dear Companion (England / US)
  16. Anička Dušička (Slovakia)
  17. La Chanson Madeleine (Sark / Normandy)
  18. Cviće Moje / Plovi Barko (Croatia)

Our 2008 CD features 17 songs from around the world.

Track listing – there are three songs you can listen to on Soundcloud – follow the links:

  1. Benia’s Mravalzhamier – ‘long life!’, Georgia
  2. Nanile – lullaby, Georgia
  3. Tommy Note – English traditional barge song
  4. Da Pacem – ‘bring us peace’, Latin
  5. Dideba – pilgrim’s song, Georgia
  6. Ri Tu To – Lithuania & Afghanistan
  7. Zhavaronachek – ‘the lark’, Russia
  8. Riu Riu Chi – church song, 15th century Castiliian
  9. Makharia – sad love song, Georgia
  10. Marin de Groix – Breton sea shanty
  11. Joc de Legeane – lullaby, Romania
  12. Bra La Bi Kupusa – song of lust and longing, Bosnia
  13. The Water is Wide – England
  14. Zaspo Janko – love song, Croatia
  15. Tsoli Gami – comic love song, Georgia
  16. Mival Guriashi – travelling song, Georgia
  17. Khukhude We Ma – water-carrying song, South Africa